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Please Pray…More Licensing Updates!

Posted by on August 27, 2012

In typical Joel fashion, he has worked tirelessly and has exhausted EVERY avenue of trying to get my Rush Diploma notarized or apostilled here in Ecuador.  We both have called the U.S. Embassy here in Ecuador multiple times.  There is no way they say they can help us here in Ecuador.  The embassy does not apostille, nor do they notarize diplomas and the only way to get my diploma notarized at a regular notary here in Ecuador is to have an apostille from the States.  No one can apostille a diploma here in Ecuador from the States because it has to be apostilled in the state it was issued. SO…back to square one with that.  We will just wait and do this when we come back after being in the States.

On a slightly different topic, our friend Olga talked to her neighbor who is a physician here to see what to do after you register your title or diploma with the government.  She said to be able to practice here, you take your certifications to a medical college to get registered and evaluated.  SO, this is what we are going to do tomorrow.  PLEASE PRAY that this process works or that we find out exactly what I need to do to practice here as a Nurse Practitioner.  It may be more classes or other things, but we are really, REALLY praying that something can be done for me to practice.  If I am unable to practice, that really puts a kink in our thinking and planning.  Will you please pray with us?  We are planning on going sometime tomorrow (Tuesday August 28).  Thanks so much!  We will keep you updated.

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