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Joel’s Knee Update

Posted by on August 19, 2012

We just realized that we haven’t posted an update on how Joel is doing post-knee surgery.  He still has quite a bit of pain and discomfort but with all things considered he is doing quite well.  He is about 3 weeks post-surgery and is off his crutches and is getting around with a limp.  His knee still gets quite sore after being on it for a while but that is still to be expected at this point.  He is now off all of his medications and so his life is back to normal in terms of that.  It can still be a little bit difficult with sleep with the pain but that is getting better each night.  He has physical therapy every day which can be a lot of work and fairly painful but he thinks it is worth it because he can see a little bit of progress each day.  He is going to try to get back to work/ministry with going into the IPEE offices and making some small trips.  We appreciate all of your prayers and support through the surgery and the recovery.

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