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Posted by on July 29, 2012

Simeon and I came back from the camp in Santo Domingo just in time to go pick up Kim from the airport.  It was great to see her as we both had missed her a lot.  She seems to have really enjoyed her class on the Theology of the Covenant in Minnesota.  She also had a really nice time with her aunt, brother & sister-in-law, and her mom and extended family there in the St. Paul area.

Simeon and I made a quick trip out to the camp for the monthly camp meeting.  It was a good time as a lot of good, important decisions were made and we are moving forward and making progress at the camp.  I am working towards lessening my role in the decision making and things to be done as I am preparing things for my departure.  We were blessed to have the presence of an architect from Quito that had put together some plans for us for the grounds and all we are trying to do with the Super Camp plan.  He has also put together plans for the changes that we are going to be implementing for the donation that will be coming in a few months from the States for the pool, the renovation of the kitchen and a family cabin or two.

During this same weekend, I.P.E.E., the Covenant national church, was having its annual youth retreat at the campgrounds.  The folks that work there just amazed me as four days before the event, the national church had confirmed that there would be around 80 youth coming from around the country.  When the retreat actually started on Friday, 285 youth came from all parts of the country. This, of course, is awesome as it was a wonderful time for so many of learning about God and his work in the world, but can you imagine the logistical nightmare that this would cause?  There was so much more food that needed to be purchased, sleeping arrangements that needed to be figured out, etc.  The staff amaze me how they are able to come together in such difficult circumstances and put together such a wonderful event.  I’m sorry that I didn’t have time, as we were so busy with our meetings, to take some pictures of the festivities.

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