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Week in the States

Posted by on June 13, 2012

The members of the History of the Covenant Class in Chicago

I (Kim) returned from a very quick trip to the States.  I was there for about 8 days.  You may wonder why in the world would I leave my boys at home?  Well, I for sure didn’t want to, but I did because I needed to take a class in Chicago.  It was a bit unexpected so we didn’t have the money in our budget to fly the whole family back to Chicago.  So, hence, it was just me.  It was pretty difficult to be away from Joel and Simeon for a week and I cried most of the way to Chicago, but I realized on the way I needed to give them to God and know that they were safe there.

The class started on Monday and lasted until Friday from 9AM-5PM.  I had good times visiting with friends, professors and co-workers during this week.  I stayed with good friends Mo and Zach Smith, fellow missionaries to Ecuador, Chris and Jenny Hoskins, during the week and then with our home church pastor and family, Paul and Mary Thompson.  Paul actually picked me up from the airport at midnight on Sunday the 3rd so he gets a gold star for sure!!!!!

On Saturday, I traveled to Mt. Prospect, where we used to live and where our church is.  I connected with a couple of friends that day and got CHIPOTLE!!!!!

On Sunday, I spoke in church, updating everyone on what we are doing and plans for coming back to the States in the Fall.  After church there was a church picnic and I got to see and connect with so many friends that we miss.

It was a great trip, but I was so excited to get back to Ecuador to be with Simeon and Joel.  It was a great reunion.  Simeon even had  a balloon for me!

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