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Experiencing the Quechua District

Posted by on April 28, 2012

We returned this Friday afternoon after experiencing the Quechua district here in Ecuador.  I (Kim) have heard so much about the Quechua district, but never have experienced it myself.  Joel has visited many Quechua churches, but always without Simeon or myself.  So, it was very much a privilege to visit 6 different Quechua ministries.  The Quechua have a rich history as descendants of the Incas.  They have gone through much persecution as the native or indigenous people of the Ecuador.  The persecution has come from Spaniards, Catholic priests, and most recently over land issues (much like the American Indians of the U.S.).

The Quechua district of the Covenant Church here in Ecuador (IPEE) is in Cayambe and South and Southeast of Cayambe.  See where the Quechua area is in Ecuador below on the map.  The Quechua district is not the representation on this map according to the church, but you can get an idea…

Map of Indigenous American Indians in Ecuador










We met with all but one of the churches on Wednesday morning in Cayambe.  We had a great discussion about vision and mission in the area.  There was a lot of excitement and a lot of people interested in ministries to children.  We ended up basically visiting all of the Quechua ministries.  It’s a very exciting time.  On Wednesday, we visited Iglesia Nazareno with a Compassion ministry of 290, Iglesia Emanuel with a Compassion Ministry of 530, and another Compassion ministry in Carrera.  On Thursday, we visited Iglesia San Antonio and Oyacachi.  On Friday we visited Escuela Francisco Aigaje in 4 Lote.

All in all, we had a great trip.  I was so excited to be able to finally visit the Quechua district and meet these beautiful people that are so welcoming and kind.  We gathered a lot of good information as well for the field study.  Enjoy the pictures below…

Meeting at Iglesia Nazareno on Wednesday Morning


Meeting at Iglesia Nazareno


Iglesia Emanuel with a Compassion Program of over 500 children


A little girl from the Compassion Center at Emanuel

The site of a medical clinic with Iglesia Emanuel

Iglesia Carrera

Iglesia San Antonio (basically the whole church came to the meeting)

Kids from Iglesia San Antonio

This little guy and Simeon were running around the church during the meeting at Iglesia San Antonio

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