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Thank You Knollbrook Covenant Church

Posted by on April 7, 2012

Friends from Knollbrook Covenant Church in Fargo,ND

We received quite the wonderful little blessing from Knollbrook Covenant Church in Fargo, ND, their Missions Commission and the Burrows family.  The Burrows, pictured left, came down to Quito over Easter break to visit their daughter, Katie, who works at the Alliance Academy (a Christian school that is right next to us).  The Missions Commission Chairperson, Diana Knecht, had emailed us previously to see if there was anything that we needed that the Burrows could bring down.  We had thought of a couple of little things and emailed her back.  Well, much to our surprise and as churches often do, they brought down 30 lbs worth of goodies!!!  They brought us a ton of the Gerber snack foods for Simeon (which are great on all of our road trips), peanut butter (which is really expensive here), cake mixes and icings (also really hard to come by), chocolate chips (impossible to get her), and brownie mixes.  And they even brought down one of the giant books that Kim needs to read for her classes over the summer so we don’t have to buy it and have it sent down.

We just felt incredibly blessed by their love of us through these wonderful gifts.  The most special part of it for us is that we know that a church, which we’ve never had prior contact, was thinking about us and praying for us and wanting to bless us in this way.  The things are wonderful of course, but it’s the fact that people we didn’t even know were thinking about us and praying for us.  At times, we can feel a little bit distant from all of you in the States but when blessings like this occur, we feel a ton closer.  THANK YOU KNOLLBROOK COVENANT CHURCH!!!

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