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Waiting for Ecuador

Posted by on March 26, 2012

We are sitting in Miami International Airport waiting as a part of a 9 hour layover.  Simeon is definitely enjoying the escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks, wheelchairs and golf carts.  It has been a wonderful week of being in beautiful Charleston, SC with friends and family.  Though being the pastor for a wedding was involved, this has definitely been a nice little vacation for us.  We can’t thank our good friends (and newlyweds!) Zach and Maureen Smith enough for their love and hospitality in bringing us here and for Maureen’s family in letting us stay with them in the house they rented.  It has been very special for us and a time that we will always remember.

As we are heading back to Ecuador, we are jumping right back into things.  Tomorrow morning after going to devotions at IPEE, we are heading back to Tena for Kim’s last HIV/AIDS workshop for this session of workshops.  After this time in Tena, we will drive directly to El Chaco where we will be having our first meeting that is a part of the Field Study that is an investigation on the different ministries with children that can be found in IPEE’s churches.  This week we will be visiting churches in the Amazon District as it made sense to set it up this way with our trip to Tena and its proximity to the Amazon District.

Our time has been nice here in the States and it definitely makes us miss our friends and family even more.  However, I must say that we are excited to get back.  We love Ecuador and our work there.  It is so exciting to be in God’s will and to see how the future will unfold for us.  It’s neat that we feel this way.  That we don’t have difficulty heading back to our country of service, but instead are filled with excitement.  We just thank God for putting that burden on our heart and for guiding us this way in our lives.

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