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HIV/AIDS Workshop-Week 2…

Posted by on March 8, 2012

Week 2 of the HIV/AIDS workshop went well.  We traveled out to Tena on Tuesday evening again and stayed overnight.  We woke up and were at the hut at 8:30 or so, however, we didn’t get started until 9ish because the majority of kids didn’t come until then.  This week, Mandy and I discussed how HIV/AIDS is transmitted (through blood, semen, vaginal fluids and  breast milk).  Before we discussed that, however, we did a quick review of what a virus is and the different parts of the blood.  I wasn’t sure how much of this was understood the week before, so I wanted to clarify it because that is important information to know in understanding HIV/AIDS.  We showed a couple of short videos after the lecture time, and then played 2 review games.  The first review game was called ‘Transmission Turnaround’ where we would read a statement and then the students would have to choose one side or another, depending on if they agreed with the statement or disagreed.  The questions basically talked about different ways to get or not to get HIV/AIDS.  The 2nd game we played was a review game from the last 2 weeks.  The group was divided into 2 teams and a member from each team came up front.  We would read a question and the 1st person to grab the marker and answer the question correctly got a point.  This was a little different cultural experience for us because the majority of kids just wanted to grab the marker-sometimes without listening to the questions.  All in all though, I think the kids are learning things, I hope so anyway.  However, during the 2nd review game, when asked where HIV lives, he said “the United States”!  Everyone thought that was hysterical (we subtracted a point from his team!).

One surprise for us this week was one of the other professors teaching in the class, who works for the Red Cross in Ecuador asked Joel to take him into the city for a minute.  He brought back a local news anchor who interviewed Mandy and I as well as Santiago (our project leader with FACE).  They asked some pretty in-depth questions and because I was nervous, I talked a lot and Mandy had a hard time translating ALL that I said.  Pretty crazy!

Here are some pictures from our time this week.

Please continue to pray for us.  We travel to Tena again next Tuesday and Wednesday (March13 and 14).

This is our project leader, Santiago (on the left) being interviewed by the local news station


Kim and Mandy teaching


Review Game from week 2-Simeon is supervising...


Another round of the review game


O.K. you caught us, Simeon is the one actually teaching...

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