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2nd Time is a Charm…HOPEFULLY!

Posted by on February 16, 2012
As you may remember, 2 weeks ago we attempted to go the Guagua Sumaco for Kim to teach young adults about disabilities.  While on our way we ran into a problem-the bridge was out!  Because we couldn’t cross the bridge at that point and to take the round about way would take 3-6 hours more, we decided to turn around and try again a different day.

This is how we found the bridge

That day will be this Saturday, the 18th.  Instead of teaching one part of the curriculum, we just decided we would make it one LONG day and do everything in one day.  The first part I will be teaching is just a general idea of what disabilities are, statistics in Ecuador, etc.  The 2nd part is going over specific types of disabilities and causes of these disabilities.  We will be doing lots of activities and videos too.  The last part is prevention.
As it gets closer, I am getting more excited about it.  Last time I was just really nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, but I am glad God has taken that and replaced it with excitement about teaching.
Please pray for us as we travel.  We will be leaving Friday afternoon to travel to Baeza (via Papallacta first, a place where there are hot springs!), then after a short night’s sleep, we will travel from Baeza to Guagua Sumaco.  After the class, we will then travel to Banos and then Puyo for a couple of days of showing our friend Jonathan around Ecuador.  This weekend is also Carnaval (similar to Mardi Gras), but hopefully not as crazy.  We will be returning Monday or Tuesday to Quito.  Then we leave for Santo Domingo on Thursday for the Asamblea (Annual Meeting of the Covenant) at the camp.  Please pray for this as well as there will be many issues discussed.  Hopefully this time we will have more pictures of teaching instead of a bridge!  HA!  Blessings to you all.  Here is a map of Ecuador so you can see where we will be traveling.

Ecuador Map

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