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Update on Ruthie

Posted by on November 4, 2011

We just wanted to let you all know of some big news on a topic that you all have been praying for.  Today, Ruthie (Joel’s mom) was able to get her feeding tube out.  Praise the Lord!  This is a huge blessing for her (and for us!) because it has been such a bear dealing with it and receiving nutrients through it.  Though she is not swallowing anywhere near perfect yet, she is swallowing enough at this point that the doctors allowed her to remove it. Now, she is not even close to being out of the water yet (she is only able to swallow non-thick liquids and some soft foods with the help of a liquid) but she is able to give herself enough nutrients on a daily basis by way of her mouth that the doctors agreed to let her take out the feeding tube.  This obviously helps bring some sense of normalcy to her life even though her eating habits are not yet any where near normal.  We just asked for you continued prayers that she will keep making progress on her swallowing and get back to her normal fully food-enjoying self.

Also, just to let you all know, Earl (Joel’s dad) has FULLY recovered from his hip replacement.   He is back to doing all of the activities that he loves and is even playing tennis at 100%.  With a newly renovated heart (triple bypass surgery in January) and a new hip, he feels like a new man!  With all these good things, they both give thanks and praise to the Lord for the extension of their lives and their ability to recover.  Praise the Lord!

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