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Update on Ruthie and More Information

Posted by on May 15, 2011

First to all, to update you on Ruthie for today: things seem to be going better.  She is still undergoing a significant amount of pain and discomfort but that is to be expected still.  The big thing for today was they were able to insert a feeding tube through her nose so she can now receive a better quantity and qualtity of nutrients.  Before she was just receiving nutrients through an iv which doesn’t provide a high quality of nutrients and calories.  The feeding tube will help her in regaining her strength and quicker healing.  They had tried to insert it last night but were not able.  Thankfully they were able to today.  Unfortunately, all of this was very painful for Ruthie.  Your prayers for her continued quick recovery and minimal pain and discomfort are greatly, greatly appreciated.

We also wanted to explain a little about Ruthie’s situation.  We have received some questions and realized that we never spoke much about these.  First of all, Ruthie’s tumor that was removed was malignant, but it’s not a form of cancer that is very agressive, nor does it matastasize.  For these reasons, radiation or chemotherapy are not necessary.  This type of tumor is called a chordoma and you can read more about it here:  Unfortunately, the likelihood that it will come back is very high.  Fortunately, since she had it removed through surgery, this is the best way to prevent is recurrence.

We will be flying out for Chicago early tomorrow morning and we’ll be getting a ride from Chicago to Goshen, IN to be with Joel’s family.  Your prayers for safety in travel are also very much appreciated.

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