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Update on Ruthie

Posted by on May 13, 2011

Just got a call from Earl (Joel’s dad) who said he just went to see her.  They were able to go in for a brief time last night which was very difficult for everyone.  She appeared to be uncomfortable and was very swollen.  However, Earl said today that she appeared very comfortable!  She is sedated, but is able to respond appropriately.  The doctor was in to see her this AM and said that the risks of residual effects we were worried about are pretty much not a problem.  Earl said she was moving all her extremities and responded appropriately. She also was evaluated and they thought the breathing tube would be able to come out in possibly 8 hours!   PRAISE THE LORD! We are so thankful for these developments.  Please continue to pray for peace and rest for Ruthie and for no pain.

We will continue to keep you updated, thanks for your prayers!

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