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Updates: Meetings, Reports & Translations

Posted by on April 28, 2011

We just wanted to fill you in on what we have been doing.  Kim finished up classes for a little while with the last day being watching the Passion in Spanish with our Spanish teacher on Good Friday.  She had never seen it before and this stirred a good conversation.  You can continue to pray for her.  We’ll both eventually be taking more classes but we’ll be busy here for a little while so we’ll be holding off for at least a few weeks.

Joel has gotten busy with meetings.  His responsibilities with FACE are increasing.  He is now the head of the Health subdivision of FACE which actually works quite nicely because this is the division that Kim’s project in Tena will fall under, so we’ll each have a role with this project.

But the main thing that has been keeping Joel busy is finishing up the report on the Camp in Santo Domingo.  This ended up being a quite lengthy document of 33 pages, which the longest part of it was the translation from English to Spanish.  It was good we still had our Spanish teacher to help us out.  It’s good to have it done it did take many hours of blood, sweat and tears – ok, Joel really didn’t do any of those.  But the late nights and long hours did result in him getting sick!

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