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Field Study

Visit to Ibarra and the North District of Ecuador

We returned on Wednesday late at night from a couple day visit to the North District of Ecuador.  This visit included trips to San Gabriel (close to the Colombian border), Ibarra, and 2 indigenous churches in Zuleta and Pungo Huayco.  …

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Field Study Traveling — The North District

We’ll be leaving on Monday for the Ibarra area (up North) we’re we’ll be doing our second visit in the Field Study for the Center for At Risk Children and Medical Clinic.  We should be returning late on Thursday.  Please …

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Upcoming (CRAZY!) Schedule

Here is our upcoming (CRAZY!) schedule and how you can be praying for us in the coming weeks:

  • April 9th-12 th = In the North District (Ibarra area) for the Field Study

  • April 10th = Meeting with the Leaders of

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Field Study: Amazon District

After Kim’s last HIV/AIDS workshop in Tena, we took advantage of the fact that we were in the Amazon to begin our Field Study by visiting churches in the Amazon District.  First off, the Amazon District is the “Conference” of …

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