I believe God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure”. Eric Liddell

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Do you know there is no one like you on this planet?

Do you know no one has ever been like you in this existence?

You may think and tell me “Fabio, now you are exaggerating. This time you went too far”.
Well, if you look at your fingerprint you will realize that no one has ever had a fingerprint like yours and this is just one of the many evidences and proofs that makes you an unique, singular and unrepeatable human being.

Johnna, my wife, is pregnant. We do not know if it is a boy or girl. Last night at her 1st baby shower, on the cake we read “Pink or Blue We Welcome You!”

Every week Johnna sends me a newsletter where I see how our baby is growing, being formed, how every cell is being developed, how every unique part of his/her little body makes progress slowly and gradually. It is amazing!

God made me for a purpose!

God made you for a purpose!

God is making our little baby for a purpose!

I do not know about you but when I look back at my journey in this existence my near-death experience at 7 years old comes across to my way (read my text from August 09, 2013 about Hugo Chavez) I understand why I have so much energy…

I believe God made me for a purpose, for a reason, to embrace a role and a mission in life in order to be simply who I am.

When I was 19 years old I was kidnapped in Brazil. It is what they call “express kidnapping”. I thought I was going to die at that night when two guys carjacked my car and one of them pointed his gun at my head while a third guy followed us behind driving other car for almost 15 minutes that felt “eternal” for me.

A few years after that “express kidnapping” experience I had a very similar experience working for a multi-national company. Two guys with guns once again put me and my team in the bathroom for almost 30 minutes as they tried to find out if we had money in the safe but we worked for a Human Resources Company hiring temporary workers for other companies. So, the only thing that we had in the office and in the safe was paper, meal ticket and transportation ticket.

They left us in the bathroom and after a while they left the office realizing they could do not find what they came to look for…

A few weeks before I went to Canada in 2004 I left the bank 3 blocks from my home and when I was getting to my place another incident happened with me. I was literally parking my car on the street and getting ready to open the door. My mother was opening our home gate when she took three steps back and saw two guys coming toward me on a motorcycle. One of them jumped in front of me, pointed his gun at my head and said “Give me the money because I know you have money in this bag”.

“God made me for a purpose”.

Nothing happens by accident in life. Every single experience (good or not so good) sharpens us to prepare us for a new level in life. Every single experience has a pedagogical touch. Every single experience helps us to grow as human beings on this existential ground.

I witnessed the loss of my grandfather’s legs at the end of his life after being disabled due to a stroke. I also witnessed my grandmother withering away due to a metastasis cancer in her bones. They lived with us. I grew up talking to them every day. Now it was our turn to be present. My mom, dad, sister and I helped them all the time in all the personal regular routine (bath, bathroom, going to hospital, chemotherapy, physiotherapy, etc.)

There is a purpose in life even though we do not understand it. I do not have all the answers. I do not pretend to have them either, but I have learned to wait and see how life turns its pages and pushes us to see that everything works for our good at the end.

Between 10 and 11 years old I came to my mom and said “Mom I cannot hear you if I cover my right ear with my hands”. She got scared and surprised. After a few exams and going to the doctor, we realized I lost the hearing in my left ear somehow. (Due to my near-death experience in the swimming pool, in my childhood due to a strong fever or type of ear infection?) I do not know. We do not know. We may never know what happened. No doctors were able to tell us why I lost 100% of my hearing capacity in my left ear.

“God made me for a purpose but also He made me fast…”

Although I lost my hearing I was able to develop the capacity to learn music. First, I learned how to play acoustic guitar. Second, I learned electric guitar. After that, I learned how to play piano from guitar chords and my last instrument I studied was harmonica that by the way, I love to play it while I play acoustic guitar.

In spite of my hearing disadvantage I love to study languages…

I enjoy playing music with Johnna. I enjoy practicing languages with her every Saturday morning at Starbucks near our place in Clearwater. I love traveling and understanding different cultures…

“God made me for a purpose and also He made me fast when I run a feel His pleasure”.

I do not know your background. I do not know what you enjoy doing. Sometimes I meet people who think that they do not have any gift. It is not true! Very often I meet people who are not able to see themselves being good at anything. That is not true either! However, I understand their background, or an emotional, physical or sexually abusive experience may make people think they are not worthy or that they are less than others. That is not true!

God made YOU for a purpose!

You may know and enjoy cooking or walking in the park or painting or working in your back yard or love doing artistic things or dancing, singing or enjoying talking to people and including them or whatever you do you may feel God’s pleasure even in small and simple things around you.

When I talk to my friends, when I write, when I hang out with my family, when I study languages with my wife, when I simply share what I am sharing with you, I feel His pleasure.


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