Celebrating our 2nd anniversary

johnnaandfabio_chicago  Last week Johnna called me. I was at work.

–  Fabio, I have bad news- she said.

–  Oh no, what happened?- I exclaimed, but at the same time I got ready to receive her bad news.

–  Well, our air conditioning stopped working and unfortunately Sophia is in the car. It is really hot here- she told me.

– No way- I exclaimed surprised, I was already calculating how to fix the air conditioning, how to change our budget and take money from savings, etc.

– It is probably 1000 dollars- I said to Johnna.

(We already have one of our cars without air conditioning.)

– Well, it is what happens in Florida because we use it all the time- Johnna tried to convince me and minimize the impact of the news.

– What should I do? Go to the mechanic?- she asked.

– Oh yes, if Sophia is sleeping, please go to the mechanic- I told her.

– Let me call them first to see if they are not busy- Johnna told me, but she was already with a rushed voice in order to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Johnna went to our mechanic and explained the problem. The mechanic took our car and put it in the garage in order to fix it.

After a few minutes, the mechanic returned:

-M’am, there is nothing wrong with your air conditioning.- the mechanic said.

– Oh really?- Johnna responded surprised.

– You know the temperature gauge for heating and cooling?  It was in the middle instead of on cold.  I just turned it to the left, from hot to cold- the man told her.

Johnna could not believe his answer and laughed out loud. Wait until my husband hears about this! – she told the mechanic.

When I got back from work, Johnna told me this new chapter of our married life.

– Johnna, did you ask how much you were supposed to pay?- I asked her after she told me the story.

– Hmmmm, I do not think we were supposed to pay anything.  He didn’t really do anything!- she answered me as I started laughing…

This is just one of several great chapters Johnna and I have been writing these last 2 years of marriage. Today it is our 2nd year anniversary. God has been blessing us giving us our little daughter Sophia.  We have been blessed by friends and family and also we have had the privilege to meet each other.

There were two things that I admired in Johnna when I met her – her joy to live life and how she had a beautiful heart by helping people and living life with just enough resources.

Johnna, you have been a great friend, beautiful wife and awesome mom loving and taking care of Sophia with care and passion, love, patience and perseverance.

Glad to celebrate our 2nd anniversary by your side. May God keep teaching us to grow as a couple, friends and now as parents.

Your admirer, friend and husband.


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