Security, Identity, Being Present

Johnna: I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to “be
present”… and also where I sometimes try to find my security.  Just
had a great talk with a close friend about this and have heard several people
talking about their struggles with identity lately.  What I read today
sums it up nicely…

“Do not search for security in the world you inhabit.  You tend to
make mental checklists of things you need to do in order to gain control of
your life.  If only you could check everything off your list, you could
relax and be at peace.  But the more you work to accomplish that goal, the
more things crop up on your list.  The harder you try, the more frustrated
you become.

There is a better way to find security in this life.  Instead of
scrutinizing your checklist, focus your attention on My presence with
you.  This continual contact with Me will keep you in My Peace.
Moreover, I will help you sort out what is important and what is not, what
needs to be done now and what does not.  Fix your eyes not on what is seen
(your circumstances), but on what is unseen (My Presence).  – May 6 entry
of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  Influenced by Isaiah 26:3 and 2
Corinthians 4:18.


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