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The Day of the Girl Child

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Devyn Chambers Johnson serves as co-pastor of Community Covenant Church in Springfield, Virginia. Devyn, and her husband Ryan, are proud parents to two active young daughters. In addition to serving as co-pastor Devyn is pursuing her Doctorate in Ministry with an emphasis in leadership and ministry development. 

My husband and I are raising two amazing girls who I know will change the world. Our oldest is a natural performer who loves life, exudes joy and turns any social situation into a party. Our youngest, a mere 15 months old, is more reserved but determined, thoughtful and independent.

And they make me see my call as a pastor differently.

I was raised a pastor’s daughter and the most common avenue for ministry that I saw available to women was that of a pastor’s wife. Ironically, I married a pastor and now wear dual hats as both a pastor and a pastor’s spouse.

But my girls see the world so incredibly differently than I did as a young girl.

This summer we drove passed our neighborhood Lutheran church, where my friend serves as pastor and where oldest had attended Vacation Bible School. She began to retell the story of how she got scared but Julia’s mommy let her sit in her office and helped her feel better.

Making conversation I pointed out that Julia’s mom is the pastor of that church. To which my daughter responded “Yeah! She’s really nice.”

Then out of curiosity, and because you never really know the mind of a four year old, I asked “Who’s the pastor at our church?”

And as a true four year old she replied with her newfound know-it-all exasperation “you are mom!”

And I couldn’t help but smile. Not because I needed some sort of affirmation from my four year old but because I realized that to her it was a ridiculously stupid question. Her mom is a pastor (and her dad too!) and while that reality is still foreign to some—it isn’t to her.

And it hit me—that for all the advocacy and training I can provide for women in ministry the greatest gift of my call is the gift of normalcy to a younger generation.

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Book review: Junia is not alone

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Junia is not alone by Scot McKnight (2011). eBook. Patheos Press.

This short, simple and enjoyable ebook takes the example of Junia, the apostle mentioned by Paul in Romans 16:7, to speak out on behalf of many women whose voices have been silenced throughout church history. Relaying the history of how Junia was translated out of existence in the early part of the 20th century, McKnight tells Junia’s story in this easy-to-read book, seeking also to emphasize and celebrate the many gifted, passionate women whose stories are told elsewhere in the BIble.

This book is ‘dedicated to ending the church’s deafining silence on women in the Bible… to giving voice to women.’ McKnight issues a challenge to the church to teach the stories of the women in the Bible – not just Mary, but Deborah,  Phoebe, Priscilla, Miriam, Ruth, Esther and Huldah – so that the voices and actions of these sisters can encourage all believers about the role of women in the church.

Junia is not alone is available for Kindle for only $2.99 here and you can also download a copy to read on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone by installing the reading app here.

Book review by Alice Hague.

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Women in Ministry Articles, May 2009

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This collection of articles (from The Covenant Quarterly, May 2009) is a continuation of the dialogue on women in ministry in the Covenant. The articles represent several views of persons recognized in the ECC for their scholarship and leadership: Jo Ann Deasy, Paul E. Koptak, Hauna Ondrey, Klyne Snodgrass, Amanda Olson, and Mae Cannon. Some of the titles include, A Case for Unrestricted Ministry of Women, Reframing the Issue: Women’s Ordination in the ECC, and Three Decades Later: Credentialed Clergywomen in the Covenant.

Download the articles below

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