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Jean Cheng Gorman recently resigned as Associate Pastor at Covenant Grove Church in Modesto, CA and will soon begin serving on staff for the Pacific Southwest Conference, focusing on promoting health in ministry for pastors, spouses and staff. She also serves as Vice-President of Advocates for Covenant Clergy Women.


So many important ideas about ways to advocate for women clergy have been shared in this blog recently. Among them are:

    • Providing visibility and opportunities for women in leadership
    • Facilitating the training and ordination of women
    • Developing mentorship pathways for girls and women
    • Exposing others to women preachers
    • Fostering partnerships among men and women in ministry

These steps are sorely needed, as is another– advocacy through excellence. A seasoned leader whom I greatly respect recently told me, “The best way to advocate for women clergy is for you to be the best pastor you can be.” He then shared how his own theology on women in ministry changed after experiencing the ministry of a gifted woman pastor.

My story is the same. Having heard traditional interpretations of biblical texts as prohibiting women in leadership, I had always believed women could not be pastors. Then we began attending a nondenominational church whose associate pastor was a woman. She was a gifted preacher. More so, in fact, than the men on staff. Experiencing God work in my life in powerful ways through her preaching was the beginning of a theological journey that has brought me to where I am today.

Excellence in ministry speaks volumes to those who doubt that God calls women as pastors, teachers and leaders. It is hard to deny the calling of God when you see it in action.

Sisters, be the best pastors you can be. Preach the word with boldness and faithfulness. Lead and serve the church with humility and fearlessness. Equip and empower the Body of Christ to spread the Kingdom of God. As you strive for excellence and passionately serve the Lord with all gifts He has given you, know that the Lord Himself will advocate for you.


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2 comments “Advocacy Through Excellence”

Thanks Jean for this reminder. This has been so true for my journey as well. I have long since stopped trying to make room for my gift. Obediently following where the Holy Spirit leads is where doors have always opened and where my gifts have been welcomed and affirmed. The Lord who called and gifted women pastors is indeed our advocate. And we get to witness the Spirit’s work through us, what a miracle that continues to be. Thanks so much for sharing. 

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Amen! Might we all glorify God as we strive for excellence in ministry, firmly believing in the One who calls and equips us to do so! With Hope In Christ>! 

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