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Jan Bros, church planter, Abbey Way, Albertville, MN, Member CBGE

Ministry calls for us to stretch ourselves into unexpected places. When we say “yes” to God’s call, our “yes” must be full and without conditions. Whether we are male or female, pastor or missionary, paid or unpaid, the interior response asked by God is the same. God wants our undivided hearts. God desires our undivided attention. We have faith that as we give ourselves to God, God will empower and strengthen us even in our frailties.

The Evangelical Covenant Church is unique in its understanding that this fundamental vocational call to minister in Christ’s name is available to all. There are no divisions of labor or assignment of giftings according to a set of prescribed gender roles. We are free to follow God’s voice into places of ministry men and women alike.

Growing up in the Roman Catholic Church, I understood the ministry limitations placed on me as a female. I knew from a young age that I was called to ministry but the ways to minister within the church were few. Later in life I came to claim and rediscover and name the vocation call that I heard as a child. As I was given opportunity to minister, I understood God was speaking to me. Years had past, but God’s voice remained firm and persistent. What God wanted was my “yes.” In saying “yes,” I experienced God’s presence with me, guiding and directing my path.

Saying “yes” does not mean that life will be easy. There is no promise that it will be smooth and level. Sometimes it is conversely so. Just because we understand something to be true, does not mean that others will also agree with us. I have learned to be more patient in the groaning for what will be. I believe our willingness to long for the not yet creates a place for others to experience more of the freedom and beauty of what it means to say “yes” to God. Our corporate obedience and faithful endurance becomes a path for others to walk. May we all say “yes” together.

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Thank you, Jan, for saying yes, and for encouraging the rest of us to do so! Can we all encourage women considering call to explore the possibility of saying yes? Yes!

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