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The October 2013 edition of the Covenant Companion features several articles about women in the church.  Click here to read some timely articles.  Here are excerpts from the opening introduction to the issue by the editor, Jane K. Swanson-Nystrom…

“The Covenant Church decided in 1976 to ordain women.  The Covenant Church affirms the gifts of all women-including women called by God to ministry in the church.  Not every church body does-and for the life of me, I don’t understand that- but our church does.  The Covenant Church does. And yet here we are again, addressing the issue of women in ministry. I admit I’m both weary and mystified. Why do we still need to talk about this as if the decision to ordain women was made recently? Why do we have to continually defend our stance on women in ministry and leadership?”


“Consider what’s at stake. How many gifts and talents are we wasting? How many women are not answering God’s call because they don’t see the opportunities? How many of our daughters are leaving the church to live out their call elsewhere? How much have we lost because of that? How long will it take before we can say we’ve solved this riddle?

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