Windy Days

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Pastor Gricel Medina (OWS)
BGE Chairperson

wind 1The other day, I was reminded of the many times God sends the wind. As I came out of a restaurant with friends,  we were suddenly welcomed with a night wind. It was a special delight to me since I had been out and about driving in the Texas sun.

Windy days come in every season. During the winter they propel us to move briskly forward. In the autumn they make us reflect on the changes that are about to come. The spring  winds empower us to enjoy the beauty of growth and new developments. They also compel us to replenish and plant.It is the summer winds that refresh us the most. They revive us from the hot, humid and sometimes unbearable sun. The summer winds alleviate the weariest of travelers.  Summer is not just for vacations. It can be a time of reflection and setting visions into motion.

I am also seeing the wind coming to the church. It is the sound of the winds of revival. Some within the church are awakening to the benefits of having women in leadership. As I have traveled this summer, I have witnessed this unique awakening in the people of God. A hunger and thirst for righteousness like never before. Men and women seeking a fresh anointing of God. The message is becoming more and more the most important element not the gender or the ethnicity of the messenger.

The wind is also taking off the masks of those who are insincere. People are wanting authenticity from those in authority. Women we don’t have to appear to be perfect. FYI… this is especially unnerving for some obsessive control people to handle. It is encouraging to see women leaders who are becoming more transparent. The church is embracing and seeking relevant sermons. Women leaders are preaching with bold confidence and powerful authority. Women of different cultural backgrounds are bringing a creative perspective. I have learned so much from my Asian sisters.

wind 3It is truly a windy day for many congregations. In this fast paced world we are living in, it is important that we allow the wind of the Holy Spirit to descend afresh upon us. Don’t be afraid of the wind.  It will definitely set your heart on fire and at the same time refresh your soul. Embrace the wind of God.

Have you been praying to hear the sound of a windy day coming to your church? I hope you are and I pray it comes soon.

Tell us your thoughts. We want to hear your encouraging stories of how women leaders are making a difference within the church.

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