Book review: How I changed my mind about women in leadership

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R.T. France, a British theologian, is quoted in the introduction as saying that many people have changed their mind from having a more restrictive view of women in leadership to an inclusive view, but no-one seems to have changed their mind the other way. Why is this so? This book provides the personal stories and testimonies of leaders in the evangelical church – pastors, business leaders, publishers, biblical scholars and seminary professors – as they share their experience of how and why they came to realize that God does indeed call men and women equally to leadership in the church.

Containing 27 stories from people who have been humble enough to go back and investigate the Scriptures again, and honest enough to admit that they have had their hearts and minds changed on the issue, some of the common threads that emerge are the influence of strong, gifted women in people’s lives, looking at Scripture in its broader historical, cultural and theological context, the experience of working side-by-side with gifted female leaders and pastors, and hearing stories of others who have changed their viewpoints.

This is a great book that serves as an encouragement to all of those seeking to advocate for and empower women for ministry, as well as providing some interesting reflection on the many ways in which God works in people’s lives to bring about change.

Highly recommended reading if you are looking for encouragement that people can and do change their minds on this seemingly never-ending issue, and a great book to put in the hands of those who are still questioning.

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Book review by Alice Hague

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