Fixing the Fallen Fence

Remember when htere was a huge storm and the soccer field fence fell over? Click here for the backstory.

Ron had a crane come to do a few heavy lifting jobs — one of which was to raise the fence back up.

The crane got into position to pull up the fence

Someone crawled out onto the fence to attach a chain

Just one chain pulling made the top bar bend, so 3 chains positioned along the top spread the force out enough to pull it up without bending it.

While the crane held it in position, the guys welded a support bar to temporarily stabilize the fence until a later day when support posts can be put in.

When one part of the fence was pulled up and the temporoary support welded on, the crane moved down to pull up another section of fence.


Lunch break — one of the guys went to the crossroads to pick up some chicken and kabobs.

lunch break

Just after the storm, when the fence fell, it laid across the driveway. So they’d cut a couple of sections off to get it out of the way. Now it’s time to weld it back together.


Sections of fence have been on the soccer field since the storm

The crane went out to the driveway to pull the 2 cut off sections into place.

One section pulled up by the crane

The second section held in place while temporary supports were welded in place.

Finally, the whole fence put back together again.

It was a very long day, and the sun was setting by the time the crane left.


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