RFIS Students Serve — another guest post

I Serve – Learning to Serve Because He Served

Community Service has long been a requirement at RFIS.  At times there have been students who loved to serve and to help others to serve. At other times it was just an annoying requirement to be met.  However over the last few years there have been students and staff who wanted it to be something that came from the heart and was not merely a requirement but a way of living.

T shirt worn by RFIS students and staff.

This year the Student Council and others came up with a plan to implement a service project that many students and staff could embrace and participate in.  Their plan was to collect on successive weeks, non-perishable food items, toiletries and clothes to be passed on to an orphanage.

Food and toiletries collected and later distributed.

But then they also wanted to give gifts to the orphans, so students and staff brought in wrapped gifts that could be shared.

Wrapped gifts waiting to be given to the visiting children.

Finally the orphanage was invited to the school on a Friday afternoon for snacks, games and crafts.

A local medical ministry heard about the visit and they came to give free health checks for the children.  Then the children were given the special gifts prepared for them.

Can you see the excitement in their faces and wonder in their eyes?

Better yet can you see the joy of serving in the RFIS students?

Would you like to join in the joy of service at RFIS?  The school and the hostel for boarding students are looking for staff for next year.  Could God be calling you to meet the need?

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