Cameroon Labor Day Holiday

Labor Day in Cameroon is 1 May. Normally there are parades and festivities all over the city. But since large gatherings are discouraged, there are just small gatherings. This year it’s a Saturday, and our workers are having a feast together this evening.  This is the kind of activity we engaged in.

One of the students needed community service hours, so Ron put him to work chopping the tree that had fallen a few months ago in that bad storm. His friend went along for moral support.

The poor tree sat there for months after it blew down in the storm.

Up on the soccer field, Ron was giving motorcycle driving lessons to one of our teachers, her husband and her sister.

And to top it off, today is the last day of the Drama class play production. To accommodate covid restrictions of gatherings no greater than 50 people, they did 4 performances rather than the usual 2. Today is the final production of “Typoecast.” Last night’s performance was complicated by illness of 2 cast members. Thankfully, 2 crew members (you know, the ones who prefer to stay BACKSTAGE and not ON stage) stepped up to stand in. We saw it the first weekend, and liked it so much, we went again the 2nd weekend! Both performances were great fun to watch.

The play is a great way to round off a holiday.

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