Double wake

A hodge podge of shoes outside a man’s house is an everyday scene, but the great number of this day’s collection of footwear and even one man’s crutch, shows that something out of the ordinary was going on.  The owners

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Roy’s on his way right back to South Africa!

Oh, the poor guy has been in great pain and probably needs a root canal, so he’s heading to Yaounde tomorrow, Thurs. June 22, and will fly down to go to be with the kids and go to our dentist

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Whoops, you need a plastic covered pillow?!?

Annelise came to me talking about how nice it would be to have a pillow or two to keep one young patient, “B”, supported and off of his wounds.  I told her we had plenty of pillows in the hospital

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Getting ready for the Ramadan feast

While visiting across the border with Fulani friends the other day, we noticed one young wife’s whole stock of dishes drying, sparkling clean, out in the sun.  She had washed every dish in her house in preparation for the celebration

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Mayor Daouda Daous, peace to his memory

We will sorely miss this man, Daouda Daous, mayor of Gamboula.  He was always ready to try to help, and an advocate for the Fulani people.  When rumors were flying, we would just pick up the phone and ask him

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Grace, amazing grace

Last month I shared a quote from Jonathan Edwards, about sin and confession, meaning only to emphasize my personal need to not judge others.  Our sweet brother, Tim, brought to my attention how negative that resolution appears and encouraged me

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On trucks and cars and things that go

CEFA farm’s new acquisition, a Dyna 400!  We are excited, it’s a workhorse of a truck!  The old Dyna has been out of commission due to a lack of available replacement parts – it is a different model, with right

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Busy on the farm

It worked out quite well to have had this mid year visit to Brackleys’ farm, where our kids live.  We brainstormed about the vision and mission statement as well as the goals for the next year for the ag/discipleship project.  

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A weekend getaway

We decided to overnight at a privately owned game reserve not far from the Durban airport, before we had to go drop Leanne and Timote off for their return to Cameroon and C.A.R.  We woke up to this view out

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Each time we travel the road from our home at the CEFA farm all the way to Yaounde, Cameroon, we pass many logging trucks like these that are lined up at the border to pass inspection and customs.  They are

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