Delighted, joyful!

What could be better than a gathering of family, for fun, food, and fellowship?  Roy’s brother Scott flew to California from Michigan, so all 3 siblings are present this week. My sister Laurel even popped in for an afternoon!  We’re

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Finishing up, for awhile, in South Africa

Bless his heart, Sam continued to use Saturday free time to complete finishing touches on our house right before they left for the states. The house is fine to live in, as is, but there are still plenty of things

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Corneille was a friend, a man who loved the Lord, whose gift in technology was a gift to the evangelism team based out of Gamboula.   He was always ready to help us out at the farm with the internet system

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Ramaata passed away

I will miss this friend, she was as sweet hearted as a person could be.  All she ever wanted was to please people and to have babies.  She succeeded in her servant heart role, but because of her sickness, she

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The trees are growing!

The orchards Roy and crew planted of many different tropical fruit trees and plants, including dragon fruit and coffee are growing well.  Many are bursting up out of their protective sacks.  It is winter now, so the temperatures will drop

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Planting trees and hope

A few more preschools in the nearby townships planted trees today.  Zweli and the guys went along with the teachers to help them plant and protect the trees and to interact with the kids and other teachers and caregivers. 

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Today we celebrate!

WOW!  When Roy and his little crew came to Lynn’s house this morning right after devotions, with big grins on their faces, we were overjoyed to hear their news!  Zweli, Loisa, and Sbabalo all prayed to accept the Lord Jesus

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Learning, learning, learning

May we never stop learning, never stop being curious, never cease to seek after wisdom.  This little chunk of time in South Africa gave me a chance to witness an amazing amount of education going on!  From Roy’s sessions with

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The fence is up!!

Roy and his crew have finished the fence!  It took teamwork to hand stretch the fencing onto the posts.  When we left South Africa in March, the undone fence weighed heavily on Roy, so we are ever so thankful to

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Ups and downs at Gamboula

Thank you for keeping CAR in your prayers!  As we continue on with ministry in South Africa, we are kept up to date with email news from our friends at Gamboula.  After we left, there was relative quiet for awhile,

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