Visiting with “T” buddies

blog Jib1Roy & I, along with dear colleagues Jan & Kim Cone, were able to go see Chief T’s second wife and family on Thursday.  Oh what joy to see these friends after a year’s absence.  Lots of smiles and even

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Reforestation, yes!

We are excited, the rains have come and some of the acreage dedicated for reforestation is ready for trees.  Roy and crew planted around 200 trees this morning, only about 3,000 to go! They decided that re-clearing around each hole

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The magic of Gramptree/Grampadee/Bucky

Is it the love of being outdoors and having someone to play ball with?  Is it that he always shares his ice cream?  Is it that he likes to have helpers in the garden or building a lizard cage?  Is

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On saying goodbye


blog farmfam goodbye header june 16Leave taking is never easy.  Having to trust the Lord that you will see your sweet loved ones again, that they will be okay and keep on even without your physical presence.  That’s a shock, eh?  What a gift

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You did WHAT with those trees??



blog Emrie helpingIf you ever go on a trip with Roy Danforth, you can count on having trees or fruit or seeds in your car, plane, or bicycle.  This return trip to Gamboula was no exception.  He gathered all his

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We are filling our last weeks before leaving for Africa with as much friend and family time as we can.  Roy is combining business with pleasure, though I’m not sure that’s the right thing to say about his being

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Joy filled last times in California!

Roy now has a coin collecting buddy, Stewart, from one of our supporting churches in the Sacramento area.  They enjoyed a coin collectors’ convention last week together.  It is good to see Roy finally find someone as excited about old

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CEFA now has a Facebook page!!

Please check out the CEFA page on Facebook every now and again – click on this linkCEFA FB to see the first bit!  Hopefully we’ll keep the news coming!

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Please pray for Erik M

Our friend, Erik Mararv, who is a wildlife conservationist and safari guy, was seriously wounded in a skirmish with poachers. Click on this link to read about the incident.  Three rangers lost their lives in the incident, but we are

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Seeking Allah, finding Jesus

One of the most common questions we are asked as we share our story of being in relationships with Muslixms is “are you safe/do you fear M attacks?”  I have to tell you, our Fulani M friends are so welcoming

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