Visiting the Vianas in Mozambique

blog mel ctrWith hearts full of hope and days ahead full of plans, Alex and Melanie Viana have been a joy for us to meet and get to know a little bit.  Partnering with their dear friends Pastor John and Pastor Maria,

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Curtains for the Genesis Care Center

A local drapery merchant donated fabric and some already made curtains to the care center because of a minor flaw in the print on the material.  Sue, the head nurse, asked me to help sew them and here we are,

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On a walk with a friend

My friend Lynn and I took just one walk along the beach, though she and sometimes her husband are trying to do it often.  Walks with friends are not just about having healthier bodies, they’re about solving the world’s problems

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Little toes and cars make the world rock!

Our kids, Sam & Anna, are out there, being in relationship with people, loving them in awesome ways.  Anna has just started Zulu language study, and she is learning by immersion, at the Genesis connected Khula nursery school.  She’s delighting

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Blogger’s block

blog bdays1A missionary colleague of mine just mentioned how she was reconnecting with her true introverted self, and it took me back a step.  This past month for me has been happily busy on the outside, with 5 day work weeks

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Wow, someone took what they had and made something useful out of it.  First time I’ve ever seen tire chairs!

blog chillax

We’d like to ask for prayer, that the recent reconciliation meeting that took place at Gamboula, with both the ostracized

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Precious times

Enjoying the beach in the evening as the sun goes down is great, but what is better is if your grandson gets cold and needs to snuggle up under a beach towel to get warm!  What a gift it is

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Roy and Sam were on their way home when they saw this amazing bird, a Knyssa Turaco, sitting helplessly by side of the highway.  They stopped and picked him up, trying to figure out what was wrong with him.  They

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So, like, what are Roy & Aleta up to?

We might be found clearing a place for a nursery tunnel for the future growing and distribution of trees and plantsblog nursery to be

or you might find one of us (guess which one!) doing employee health screening so that the head nurse

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There are lots of different ways to celebrate!

Our grandson, Sawyer, and I both celebrated birthdays this month.  Sawyer chose wild and crazy (he’s the one with the goggles)blog bdays

and I chose shopping – first at an amazing farmer’s market with a marvelous view over a gorge
blog bday waterfall


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