Layha – time to eat lamb!

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What a wonderful time we had celebrating Layha/Tabaski with friends across the way.  This holiday and the end of Ramadan fasting are their two BIG holidays.  Because Tabaski commemorates Abraham’s trek up to the mountaintop to obediently sacrifice his son,

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Sports crazy Roy!


If  the sun is shining at 5pm, you most likely will find Roy playing sports with his friends.  If the clay/dirt basketball and volleyball courts are a bit on the wet side, you’ll find him weeding them, sometimes with his

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On motorcycle helmets


I used to work in the operating room of a busy downtown university teaching hospital.  While working on patients who had been in accidents, I came to appreciate motorcycle helmets.  We called them brain buckets, and there’s definitely a reason

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The father of a close friend of mine in California recently passed away.  She and her family are grieving, but mixed in with that sorrow is a peace and joy because they know that their dad is whole and with

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Please pray for more


As I consider the future, and think about our dear colleague, Pastor B, I realize what a great need there is for others to come alongside us in reaching out to our Fulani friends.  Pastor B is recently widowed and

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Mothers and daughters


Sometimes moms and their daughters look alike, and sometimes you wouldn’t guess that they’re related.  I often find myself grinning, thinking about how God justmixes and matches up our genes and comes up with each individual.  And we are that,

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Teeter totter

Just a glimpse into how kids can make fun out of whatever is available.  We were driving along on Monday and saw these kids having a blast with their homemade teeter totter.  What a great reminder that joy is free.

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Up a tree!

blog-up-a-treeWe haven’t been able to get online for 2 weeks now, even across the river where the connection is usually much better.  Thankfully most of the time we can send and receive email, but even that can be problematic if

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Taste treats!

One of the perks of being married to a tropical fruit enthusiast is getting to eat strange and wonderful things.  This is the peach palm; when boiled and salted it is a treat, tasting something like corn and having the

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blog oopsIt’s the middle of rainy season and the road out to the farm is a work in progress.  They’re trying to make this very bad stretch into smooth road, and that means filling in the holes and crevasses; read –

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