Pushing the limits

I guess you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to get goods into your landlocked, goods-starved country, right?  I do wonder what the guy on top is pointing at and if he’s communicating with someone other than himself?!  Can the

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Fulani guests at the farm!!

I was out picking mulberries and Roy was across the stream planting in the reforestation area when Kim pulled up to our house with two Fulani men. These two are our first Fulani guests out at the farm since 2014

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We’re online!!!

The son of one of our local families here happens to be an internet rep/installation guy and he offered to set us up with our own dish and modem at our home at the CEFA farm.  It’s pricey, but it

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Clarification on houses and nursing school

I have received a couple of comments that make me think I’d better straighten out the impressions I’m giving.

The nursing school at the mission has been functioning for years and years, started by the Swedish missionaries long ago. During

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Home improvement!

I got a kick out of seeing the new paint job on this house.  Most of the homes along the road are dirt colored, either because of mud stucco or mud brick, without embellishment. You occasionally will see random splashes

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New kids on the block

We have literally, a bunch of new kids on the block, around Gamboula!  I neglected to share about the Huntley family when they arrived a few months’ back, and now we have the Parker family here with us as well. 

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Remembering Dr. Rog

A dear friend passed away last week and though he was in his eighties, his death was a shocking surprise, the result of a fall with a bang on the head.  Dr. Rog was a sweet and humble man, always

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Kids and chores

Kids start helping out with adult sized tasks at an early age here, it’s just part of family life.  When I was a kid, I remember helping with the housecleaning and various chores, but my responsibilities were more to teach

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What a way to spend your school break!


Bobby and Timothe Turk brought 3 friends home with them for their 10 day school break.  Nuri, Ben, and Caleb rode over bumpy roads for untold hours, squished into interesting seating arrangements, putting up with heat and dust and

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On the spot medical care

blog-impromptu-stitchesWe are very thankful to have medical care at a moment’s notice.  Dr. Tim is always available for emergencies and medical treatment and advice. He is the proverbial boy scout when it comes to being prepared, that’s for sure, with

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