Fruit poster & notecards available

Interested in a 2’x3′ fruit poster or a set of ten 4.25″x5.5″ notecards w/ envelopes with this fruit photo? They are available, for a minimum donation of $5 to our Danforth Ag/Fulani Ministry Project. The poster comes with a key, naming all the fruits and giving a bit of background about the photo and our trek in the world of tropical fruits. Just contact us at

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5 Responses to Fruit poster & notecards available

  1. Beth Gordon says:

    Beautiful poster! I would like one! I’ll be seeing you this weekend at River Ridge Covenant Church!

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  2. danforth says:

    Hi Beth – we’ll have some with us. See you in a couple days.

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  3. danforth says:

    Did we ever answer you? You send us a suggested $5 donation towards the ag project, CEFA, plus about $3 for postage, and we send you a poster! We’re going to be in Olympia this weekend and Bellingham next weekend and Spokane the following weekend. Are you near any of those?

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  4. Bradley Cullison says:

    I have emailed regarding the purchase of a couple of books that are in the ECHO library. Please advise as to the best way of obtaining your publications.

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  5. danforth says:

    Dear Bradley,
    ECHO might have them in their bookstore, they just bought the last of our stock. We will be printing more when we get to the states, sorry about that. Please write us again, say after August. Sorry for the delay in the reply!

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