Encouragement and hope in mourning

Today the staff that works with us came with their wives to have a short service of encouragement and remembrance for Cindy following the loss of her father in January.  The CEUM culture has these services all the time to

Rev. Liwawa Elenga – Humble Servant Pastor

Elenga's casket at the funeral

Elenga’s casket at the funeral

Last week we were privileged to attend the funeral for our friend and co-worker Rev. Liévin Liwawa Elenga. Born December 12, 1962, he passed away March 4, 2017 following an 8 month battle with intestinal

Log Bridge Dangers

Traveling around the Ubangi-Mongala area will bring you to having to cross questionable log bridges.  And when you have to cross them at night the uncertainty increases.  This situation in the short video took place in latter June on my

Papa Duale: a much respected and gifted leader laid to rest Friday

Friday was Papa Duale’s funeral in Gemena at the Bokonzo Church.  Keith Gustafson sent this description of the day and the commemorations.

8 Pastors sat by coffin for 15 minutes each from Thursday through Friday funeral

Pastors took turns sitting by the coffin, 15 min each from Thursday through Friday.

Even before the Friday

Inke refugee camp visit

Refugees the world over face difficult living conditions and that is no different at the Inke camp for refugees from the Central African Republic.  We visited this camp of 20,000 registered refugees last week after our seminar at the Gbado-Gboketsa

Diamonds in the rough

Every day of the week the diamond diggers or miners in the villages surrounding Mbuji-Mayi area sell the diamonds they found the day before to the buyers at the “comptoirs” [counters]. These buyers in turn take the diamonds to Mbuji-Mayi

CHE having big impact in southern Congo

Wow!  CHE (Community Health Evangelism) has significantly impacted the communities in the areas we’ve visited and continues to do so.  Just four months ago another small church was planted in Tshilundu and back in July 2015 one was planted in

Filming for Covenant Kids Congo

Luke at work

Luke at work








I enjoyed watching Luke Johnson work taking videos footage for Covenant Kids Congo.  He was very creative and always polite about asking permission.  Enjoy a few pics of Luke at

Poles going in ground for Zulu powerline

March 23 the engineers arrived and immediately started working with their Congolese co-workers to assemble and install the 85 poles for the new 7 miles power line between Karawa mission and the Zulu hydro-electric dam.

Power poles coming down the line

Power poles coming down the

Flight changes and hosting in Congo

So what happens in Gemena if your flight to Kinshasa is scrubbed and you have to wait until the next day?  And, what about your international tickets out of Kinshasa that night?  And, what about room and board, what will