Rev Mbangiye Remembered as Initiator of Ngakpo Evangelism

Remembering the passion and impact of Rev. Mbangiye Epolapola, friend and former Congo missionary wrote this story about being mentored by Rev. Mbangiye to bring the Gospel to those who were unreached.

“How would you and Ruth like to go

Loko Hospital Celebrates 50 Years of Ministry

March 20, 2018 was the 50th anniversary of Loko Hospital.  The CEUM celebrated this anniversary with a big party April 14-15.  We were able to attend the 5 hrs & 50 min (yes indeed!) celebration worship service on the 15th. 

Meaningful last trip to Congo for President Walter

“It is deeply meaningful tome to see the very significant, very real and very transformative progress that has already taken place, knowing that even more is to come.” said President Gary Walter at the end of his trip to visit

Citizen Advocacy Groups catalyze change

One of the initiatives of Project Ledia is to train up Citizen Advocacy Groups within the city of Gemena.  Two weeks ago I accompanied the Covenant Kids Congo team as they visited the first group formed in Gemena.  It was

Karawa Coffee Project is underway

“I chose to participate in the coffee project to plan for the future of my children.” commented Wedia Gbabolo.  Wedia was the only woman amongst the planters gathered to welcome the CEUM delegation to the Bobagalawa nursery and seedbed.  The

It is God who gives the growth – CEUM General Assembly

We all want to take credit for something good, however small our part was,” said Josef Rasheed in the third of his six messages to the CEUM Biennial General Assembly in Bumba Jan 14-19.  As chaplain for the

Funerals and the Importance of Repetition

We went to a funeral at Karawa last week.  It was a heartbreaking one for Lingawe Sarah Singa, a 19 year old junior in the nutrition section at Lycee Vanette, the girls’ HS at Karawa, had died after being sick

Wonderful Celebration for Makanza Bridge Dedication

What a celebration the CEUM, community and government had earlier this week at the dedication of the Makanza bridge at Boyambi, 27 kms East of Gemena.  Together we celebrated how all can work together with a US partner to complete

Zulu camp dining hall dedication

Early in July the CEUM dedicated the new dining hall at the Zulu Discipleship Center and Bible Camp.  It was a GREAT celebration with worship, dancing before the Lord, choirs, preaching the Word, prayers and thanksgiving and of course great

Enjoyable July visit by Mason City team

We enjoyed hosting the Mason City team of Bob, Greg, Pam and Terry July 21-28, actually July 19-28 for Pete because he flew to Kinshasa to greet them and then returned with them.  We kept them busy and they were