Bridge building East of Bogose-Nubea

CEUM engineer Jose KD Zongalinga has been working hard on the series of bridges crossing the Nguya going East of Bogose-Nubea towards Karawa.  Originally there were 11 bridges on this stretch of dike across the river and marshy approaches.  Kade is putting in 9 new bridges and removing 2 of them.  The main river is in the middle.  Those two bridges will not be replaced until next dry season when the river level drops.  Earlier this year Kade completed the three bridges on the West side of the center.  He is now working on the 4 bridges on the East side.

Filling the gabions (mesh cubes 1meter x 1 x) with rocks.  The gabions serve as a strong, heavy, solid base for the bridge.

Gabions filled with rocks. Foot bridge is on the Left.




Completed bridge on the West side

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2 Responses to “Bridge building East of Bogose-Nubea”

  1. Kimja says:

    Hi, I’m trying to get in touch with the Ekstrand, is there any way to contact them through e-mail or by phone? Thank you! Kimja

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  2. Pete & Cindy Ekstrand says:

    Hi Kimja,
    This is Pete Ekstrand. You can respond to this email. What do you want to contact me about?

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