Bridge work East of Bogose-Nubea going forward

CEUM engineer Kade Zongalinga is making good progress on replacing the center section of bridges on the long dike & series of 11 bridges on the road going East of Bogose-Nubea.  This has been impassable for trucks for over 35 years and very difficult for motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.  About 1,200 people per day cross this dike coming/going to the Bogose-Nubea hospital, to the market and main road.  The link below is of an aerial view of the stretch of dike and bridges.  Or, click on the photo to see the video.

2018 drone video of dike & bridges heading East of Bogose-Nubea

Last year Kade completed the replacement of the smaller bridges on each side and widened & leveled the dike.  Due to the water volume of the river the main section can only be worked on during the dry season.

Aerial of the center section

When the bridge was first installed the middle section (2) was filled in, bridges being only on each side.  The plan Kade worked out with advisor Tom Lawson is to reduce the middle section to the level of the water during dry season and span this as well.  The final result will be 3 bridge sections which will increase the water flow during the rainy season.

Detour around the series of 3 bridges

Working out in the middle

Height of the gabions

Taking down the middle section

Work begins to dismantle old bridges & dike in middle.

New gabion bridge pillars. There will be 3 spans, so I believe that the area before first gabion will be filled in with rock and made into a dike

Digging down to set a gabion and remove rock from the middle

These two photos show was this section used to be like.

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