New well provides safe water at Bogose-Nubea

A newly drilled well is providing safe water for the Bogose-Nubea hospital!  HALLELUJAH!

With funds provided by Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP) and technical planning and oversight by M. Gaspy Zongalinga a well was drilled, solar panels & pump installed and safe water is now available to the hospital and local community.  The CECU (Free Church) well drilling team drilled the well in September.  Gaspy made all the arrangements with the CECU well drilling team.  He has also trained the maintenance team as well as worked with the hospital and local community to establish an oversight and maintenance committee.  This committee will be responsible to set the rates to charge for water.  They also select who are the really impoverished who should receive their water either free or at a lower rate.




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