A Day in the Life of a Missionary — Hearse Driver

Wait, did I read that correctly?  Hearse driver?  Yes, indeed.  And that was some of my role last Saturday afternoon. The 32 year old daughter of long-time CEUM school inspector Gwanago tragically died in Kinshasa August 31 after only a month long bout with malaria.  Friends and a senator provided the means to return her body to Karawa for burial.  As the CEUM didn’t have a working truck with a long bed to carry the casket they asked me to help.  I’ve known and worked with Gwanago for over 35 years so I agreed.  So Saturday afternoon I was at the airport to receive the casket.

Loading the casket at the airport

Securely tied in place

We stopped at the CEUM church in town for people in Gemena to pay their respects.  This was my opportunity to tie it down well and cover it with a tarp.

Everything went well and we arrived fine in Karawa where a huge crowd was waiting.  Gwanago has lived there for years, is well respected and many knew his daughter.

Unloading at Karawa where a huge crowd had gathered

The funeral was Sunday afternoon and then we returned to Gemena by early evening.  As I’ve observed and reflected on before the CEUM truly gives respect and honor to those who have passed.  I was grateful to be able to help out a friend and the CEUM.


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One Response to “A Day in the Life of a Missionary — Hearse Driver”

  1. Mary Barkman says:

    You are a dear friend to help out in this way.

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