Stormy Weather

February is still dry season… usually. This year we’re gtting rainy season amounts of rain! And one day the storm blew through with winds that reminded some of us of tornadoes!

When it all ended the damage was significant!

This poor tree blew over once already.  This time it’s down for good.

Nice shade tree down for a 2nd time.

Many houses and a church suffered damage.

Roofing from neighbor’s houses had blown into the school’s wall.

Even the soccer goal (that’s not a lot of surface area) blew into the fence (mostly holes), knocking it down! The guard who saw it happen said the fence had been “dancing” in the wind.

Athletic Director and his assistant check out the damage to the soccerr field

The knocked down fence blocked the driveway. Now that’s another project for Ron and the guys.

Fence covers the drive

The new gym roof did not escape flying debris from nearby trees. A pretty big branch fell on it causing one of the purlins to pop out and a 2nd one damaged. These were shipped from the US, so they’ll have to be repaired here.

Damage to the new gym roof

Thankfully damage was not worse around the campus.  Rainy season is definitely back early.

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