Farewell to the Danforths & Westers

It’s retirement time for many of our friends, particularly those serving in Central African Republic and on the East side of Cameroon. One couple returned to the US earlier this year. And at the start of Sept. 2 more couples left Central Africa for the last time.

Praying over Roy and Aleta at the International Christian Church of Yaounde

We celebrated their retirements with a picnic after church.


Roy with the guys
Aleta and Lori, nurses who’ve cared for and translated for Fulani in hospitals.

Roy & Aleta Danforth have served in Congo and Central Africa since the mid 70s. Aleta’s a nurse, and Roy an agriculturalist. Together they’ve impacted nutrition  and health of thousands. They’ve communicated the gospel in multiple languages.

Tim and Ann on either side of Ron

Tim and Ann Wester have servied since the mid 80s in Congo and Central Africa. Dr. Tim has impacted the health of thousands. Ann has done translation work and education, to name a couple of her responsibilities.

Roy has planted lots of fruit trees at RFIS. They’re marked with common and scientific names.

labeled trees on RRFIS campus

On a personal side, the Danforths were both in our wedding and Aleta was present for the births of 2 of our 3 children. And Dr. Tim delivered our youngest. We have loved living and working with both of these couples and their families over the course of our time in Africa. And we have enjoyed deep friendship with them, like family; brothers and sisters in Christ and in service to our Lord.

Roy’s parting gift, a fluted pumpkin from CAR 🙂



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