Feed the Birds

Maybe I was influenced by Mary Poppins

Have you seen the new Mary Poppins movie? No feeding of birds there, but I really liked it. Anyhow, maybe I’ve been influenced by parents, or maybe it’s just for our own backyard entertainment. Whatever the reason, we’re really into feeding our backyard birdies.

Sunflower seeds and suet feeder attach to the deck

Besides the 2 original feeders we’ve had for years, this year we added a couple new ones that hang under the eaves outside the dining room sliding door.

Mixed nuts, fruits and seeds in the red feeder for heavy birds; and ever popular finch feeder

Did I mention how popular the finch feeder is? They can’t get enough of that thistle seed.

Customers to this feeder include goldfinch, house finch, nuthatch, tufted titmouse.

In fact, we were attracting so many birds, we added a couple more on a stand out in the yard.

Yard feeders for protection by trees, and from squirrels

As you can imagine, it’s been a battle with the squirrels who also want to eat. So we feed them too… quite well — popcorn, stale cornbread, chips, rice, all kinds of things!

Backyard squirrel feeding on popcorn

But that doesn’t stop them trying for the bird food — even the squirrel proof hot pepper suet, which does not deter them…

Determined squirrel clings to suet feeder.

Well if we’re going to feed the birds and squirrels hot pepper, we should at least have some water for them.  That prompted our latest gift to ourselves and woodland creatures: a heated bird bath. The squirrel drinks from it too 🙂

It’s like having pets only better. The critters get fed and watered, don’t mess up the house, require almost no maintenance and provide us with hours of entertainment. Win-win.

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