Psalm 121

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by Dawn Holt Lauber


This past June, the church I serve – a multigenerational congregation of long-term families – received a Vital Worship Grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Lilly Foundation. The grant funds a year-long

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A Reminder to Refocus

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by Dane Anderson


todolistIn two weeks, the church I serve will be having its annual meeting. As I have been writing out what I am going to share, I have realized once again just how complex leading worship in …

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2 comments Written on September 12th, 2014     
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by Chris Logan

My time as a church-planter living in Australia back in 2006 changed my outlook on a lot of things, most of them positive. I got to learn from some pretty big names in the missional church world, …

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Engaging & Developing the Next Generation (part 1)

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by Jessica Perez

I have always loved working with students. In fact, before I joined our staff full time as the music director, I spent many years on student ministry staff & teaching music in public school. I believe in …

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The Worship… Service?

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1954-mercury-1950s-chevron-gas-advertising-postcard_t2by Matt Nightingale

This fall, the church I serve will kick off a series called #WeAreRedwood. We’ll be exploring our identity as God’s church… We’ll consider what it means to be disciples, community, witnesses and worshippers. To be the church …

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The Journey of Collaboration

2 comments Written on August 8th, 2014     
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By Randall Wilkens

collaborationI remember the first time I heard someone talk about the concept of collaborative worship planning. It was about 10 years ago in Chicago at one of those Worship Connections we used to have. If someone had …

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The Mechanics of Awkward

5 comments Written on July 25th, 2014     
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by Chris Logan

I interned for a summer with a worship arts pastor when I was in college. At the time, it had nothing to do with my major, and I did it for free. But it was an awesome

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1 Comment » Written on May 30th, 2014     
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by Chris Logan

“Sometimes we try too hard to manufacture something that is so much richer when we just let it happen.”

3430144_origA friend of mine wrote this the other day, and it resonated with me. Much proverbial ink has …

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A poem for Good Friday

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Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 11.00.44 AM

by Geoff Twigg

More scorned and scarred than when He came
A pinned exhibit on a tree
The Son of Heaven and Lord of earth
Divorced from both in agony

Cut off from God by human sin
Abandoned by His …

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3 comments Written on March 21st, 2014     
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by Chris Logan

There are times of joy in a spiritual family, times when we are excited for one another’s celebrations, for one another’s new beginnings, for one another’s blessings. Hugs, smiles, and laughter come with great ease.

But there …

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