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by Chris Logan

There are times of joy in a spiritual family, times when we are excited for one another’s celebrations, for one another’s new beginnings, for one another’s blessings. Hugs, smiles, and laughter come with great ease.

But there are other times when joy seems to have vanished.

weeping angelThese are often the times that make or break a family. How we handle them will either result in new times of strength, harmony, and joy, or will end up with bitterness, brokenness, and discouragement, and I am so glad to be a part of a denominational family that is the former. During times of great stress, of unimaginable tragedy, of loss and heartbreak and pain, I’ve seen our family gather around one another and sing each other songs of life. I have been the recipient of this kind of love, as have many others, and there is nothing in the world quite like it.

When I couldn’t sing, you sang for me. When I couldn’t find words, you lent me yours. When I needed a shoulder, there were so many from which to choose. I saw my own tears streaming down the cheeks of brothers and sisters alike, and found that my pain became bearable, that I could keep putting one foot in front of the other; on both sides, others were walking with me, supporting me, even carrying me.

For some, it is such a season again.

In my last church, we went through a time of great difficulty, as over the course of three months, upwards of twenty-five families lost an immediate family member. One night during a council meeting, in the midst of this season, I was overwhelmed with the whole thing and wrote a lament, a song of mourning, and shared it with our congregation several weeks later. For some of us, it helped. I pray that, during this season of grief and pain for some of our family, it will help you mourn, perhaps give you some words so you don’t have to come up with them yourselves.

We are here for you. Our love is with you. Our tears are with you. Our prayers are for you.

And our hearts break with yours.

Lament (Re-Create Us)

We mourn with those among us with a loss
And we stand beside the ones who bear a cross
Come save us in our need, take away our pride and greed
Bring peace and life and justice …

For the ones whose eyes blur constantly with tears
And the ones whose skin crawl violently with fear
We come on bended knee, Lord provide for all their needs
Bring hope to all who suffer …

Come, Lord Jesus, come and free us
Re-create this broken world
Come in power, right this hour
Shine Your light and bring the dawn

For those with lives that hang uncertain in the wind
For the addicted and the homeless that we sing
With every passing day, revive us in Your way
Form communities anew …

Come, Lord Jesus, come and free us
Re-create this broken world
Come in glory, tell Your story
Of a love that heals us all

With Your hand, will you mold this land
Fractured earth into something beautiful …

Chris Logan is a Covenant Worship Arts Pastor and writer living in Olathe, KS. He is currently open to call.

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3 comments “Lament”

Thank you, Chris. This has been a rough week for many, I think. May God’s loving presence be known, and healing come from that knowledge. Your song is beautiful.

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Thanks Jo Anne 🙂 I hope it helps for those in the midst of it …

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Thank you Chris!   I didn’t read this when you first wrote it because I was drowning in my own grief. Your words bring healing and I really appreciate how you honestly write about Lamenting.  Thank you! Your song is beautiful!  I would love an audio of it.

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