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My parents fixed the laptop, so expect me to be writing to you more often!

Mommy is currently working on scholarships and registering for classes. She was accepted to North Park yesterday and is very excited to begin school in May! She will be taking all of her classes online, so she can still work at Cedarcreek and hang out with me. I am so proud of her!

Daddy is working more at the Sign Shop lately, which he both likes and dislikes. He likes the hard work and the extra money, but not the time away from Mommy and me. He built us a new entertainment center the other day, which we love!

Raising support continues to go slowly. My parents have had a lot on their plate lately, but they are cutting back so that we can focus more of our energy on fundraising. We want so badly to be in Oaxaca, but it is difficult to see the end of the tunnel when you’re not even half way through. I got to run around Covenant Shores last weekend and play with new people, they were very generous hosts and encouraged us to visit Mercer Island Covenant (Evergreen). We are hoping to visit them soon, I would love to see some of my new friends again.

Mom visited a local church in the area that will evaluate whether they can put us in their budget in May, we are hoping to visit on a Sunday sometime to speak to individuals about support. Sitting at 22% is frustrating for Mom and Dad, and when they’re frustrated? I am frustrated. And vice versa.

As for me? I am busy. Busy learning to talk, busy running around as fast and as much as possible, busy feeding donkeys and goats, busy drumming, busy playing the mandolin and ukulele, busy playing at youth group with the big kids. I love being a toddler!

If you can, please give my parents some love. They are feeling a little overwhelmed lately. And, of course, please give me lots of love! Just cause I like it.




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One thought on “A Little News

  1. Dear Rory,
    We loved your latest and most informative post! You are such a creative writer and most certainly take after your parents as we love their blogs as well. It does sound busy at your house. No matter what parents are interested in, time seems to vanish too quickly to get everyone satisfied. Just be trusting in their passion to keep you as their priority. They are working very hard for you even if you are too young to understand it all. We are pleased you have writing to help express yourself and wonderful support with your mom and dad. You are a lucky boy to be loved so much. Your parents seem to be enjoying your every attempt and triumph. Keep on learning.
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa

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