July is Guelaguetza. That means tourists. Everywhere. El Instituto is busy as could be with people learning Spanish and in our neighborhood we suddenly are hearing English being spoken – usually by lost people needing directions. We will not be attending the main event, too expensive. And Mama says she doesn’t like “big-to-do’s,” whatever that means.


El Mercado del Llano

In an unexpected turn of events, Mama will be finishing with language school very soon. Her tutor says that while she could continue to pay for classes, what she really needs now is just to get out into the world. That makes Mama nauseous. She is kind of a perfectionist.

We had a kind of rough week in our house.


I felt it pretty heavily. Mama says it is because I am a sweet, compassionate boy. Daddy says it is a wonderful thing. The good thing about when we have rough weeks is that we watch a lot of movies. Mama and Dada let me watch Jurassic World.





It is my new favorite movie. It’s not scary. Chris Pratt is my superhero. He respects animals and treats them with kindness. Mama says I could train Velociraptors if I wanted when I am older. She says it’s cool that Velociraptor Trainer is the first job I have decided to want. I don’t know what she means. I will always want to train Velociraptors.


This is me watching Jurassic World for the second time in as many days.

Also, in other news, my sister is “cruising.” She will even let go of the table to hold objects and brave the gap between the table and the couch. She falls a lot. Mama says she is daring, Daddy says she is obnoxious. When she falls, she cries. Loudly. A lot. But she always gets back up.



Talk to you soon!



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