Prayer Requests

Here are some ways you can be praying for us…

  • For good lasting relationships with churches and individuals.
  • For churches and individuals considering partnering with us
  • For language school – that Mama and Daddy would be learning well and be challenged.
  • For our friends and family in the states, that we would get to talk with them often.
  • For me as I grow and begin speaking Spanish through immersion.
  • For Jinora, that she would grow and develop well.
  • For us as we continue to develop relationships with churches and individuals. Help us to care for those who support us.
  • For the Covenant Church in Mexico, specifically in Oaxaca, as it struggles to heal and unite after years of feeling disenfranchised.
  • For our new relationship with the Restrepos as they step into the role of mentoring us.
  • For our small community in Jalatlaco, that we would be building relationships and beginning to envision what our ministry here might look like.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support – we could not do this without you all.



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