New Spaces

Hi everyone!

We have a new website – which means I will no longer be blogging here. But don’t worry – I will still blog in our new space. But you will also have a chance to hear from Mama


July is Guelaguetza. That means tourists. Everywhere. El Instituto is busy as could be with people learning Spanish and in our neighborhood we suddenly are hearing English being spoken – usually by lost people needing directions. We will not

Month Two


Outside my favorite cafeteria y mercado, Xiguela

It seems crazy that we have been here two months and are already into our third. It feels as though we were just in the states yesterday, but also like we have always

First Package!

We received our first package today!

It is from one of our supporting churches, Everett First Covenant. They sent us down to Oaxaca with these beautiful posters from their kids and today we received a package of letters from Sunday

One Whole Month

We are beginning to settle in here in Oaxaca. After being blessed with a place to land and staying in the home of another missionary on home assignment, we found our own apartment which is much closer to our language

Bugs, bikes, and bilingual

I am allergic to mosquitoes. So is my Mama. Daddy never gets a single bite and Jinora doesn’t seem to either, just Mama and me covered in puffy pink itchy splotches. So Mama has a regiment. Spray the curtains with

We Are HERE!


Me exploring our current living space…

5:00am last Wednesday morning Mama and Daddy threw 6 carry-ons, 7 bags, 1 box, 2 car seats, and all of us into two cars and drove to Seatac Airport. Our flight to Houston seemed

3 Weeks to Oaxaca

Wednesday, April 22nd we will finally be headed to Oaxaca, Oaxaca Mexico! This is such an exciting/difficult time for us. We are so excited to spend time with our mentors before they return to the states for their year of

To Oaxaca!


This is my new favorite phrase. “Moving to Oaxaca!” We will fly there in an airplane! I am so very excited. I like airplanes a lot. It will be fun to fly in one again.


We are so excited