April Sunshine

March is a rough month for Dullantys. We suffer in the those last few weeks of gloomy winter. But now! Now the sun is out and shining! Mommy says we need to take advantage of it before it disappears into Seattle rain clouds, so we have been outside a lot. I really like when we go for runs in the stroller and she lets me get out and play at the park.

Support raising continues to pick up speed from this winter. We are now at 25%!!! We were recently turned down by a church, which was really hard for Mommy and Daddy, but I know that other churches will come along soon. We visited a Covenant church recently and I got to play with soccer balls and magnets! It was fun! We made a new friend who is eager to move forward in partnership with us. He was very encouraging and gave Mommy and Daddy good pointers on raising support. Hopefully we will find out more in the next month. We took a new Prayer Calendar picture, but we procrastinated so it wasn’t exactly what we wanted. For instance, Mommy and Daddy are dressed but I am in my jammies. I don’t want people to think I am a slouch! But don’t worry, Palm Sunday showed my real debonair. I will post pictures once I have them.
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Last week was Spring Break so I got to play with my family and youth group kids a lot and even went on a hike with Daddy and our friends Ben and Alec. I got lots of sun and even played in the water. We played a lot with two of my favorites, Jess and Eric. Here is Mommy and Daddy with them.

Mommy turns 25 next week! And we are very excited about Holy Week. Palm Sunday was lots of fun, the boys taught me to sword fight with palm branches. Wednesday we are doing a seder meal at home, and Thursday and Friday we will be doing different services before Easter at Cedarcreek on Sunday morning!

If you are wondering where our newsletter is? So am I. Mommy and Daddy promises to get it out post-Easter (they are pretty busy at work right now). In the mean time, we have started selling soap for our mission fund!

If you want some, just leave a comment or get in touch with Mommy on Facebook!

We got some pretty big news yesterday, but I am not allowed to share for a couple of weeks so be on the lookout for more updates!



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One thought on “April Sunshine

  1. Hola Rory.Mi nombre es Rossina pero me dicen Chepina, soy de Cuautla Morelos, y mi iglesia es conocida como La Palapa, tambièn somos del Pacto.
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