The Container Has Arrived!!

Remember last summer Ron and I drove a van load of stuff to JAARS in N.Carolina to be shipped to Cameroon? Well since then the container was loaded, put on a ship (which Ron has learned how to track online), landed in Douala where it sat until paper work was complete. And finally on Saturday 7 Dec. (while I was proctoring the SAT exam at RFIS) the container was delivered to the missionary pilots’ hangar for unloading.

Unloading the lawn mower

Ron and a few of his crew went with a few trucks to pick up everything for RFIS that was on that container. The item he was most looking forward to was this lovely Kubota riding lawn mower! Getting it off the stack of nice plywood (future climbing wall at the RFIS gym) was a bit of a trick. But they drove it right on to a rented truck that brought it to school.

All the rest of the boxes and crates were then unloaded and sorted — some to trucks bound for RFIS, some into piles in the hangar.

SIL Aviation hangar used for sorting container contents

Everything destined for RFIS was brought over in trucks. By the time I got out of the SAT exam around noon, Ron had already sorted boxes in piles for Garage, Offices, Drama, Athletic Dept., and Science Dept.

RFIS stuff sorted in piles according to departments
Checking the lists to match boxes with the orders and shippipng documents

Everything was pretty well cleared from the gym by the time girls basketball game started at 2.

The very next day Ron could not contain his excitement and had to try out his newest toy.

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