Shopping and Shipping for RFIS

Part of Ron’s job this year in the US involved purchasing things for Rain Forest International School. Follow the pics to see how it’ll all get there…

  1. Buy and box it all up – you should have seen the basement as everything was being delivered, purchased, and donated.
    Ron is showing you clothes lovingly made by the women at Thornapple Covenant Church to be given to orphan children.

    Shoes and rope for the climbing wall, and coffee makers for the teacher’s lounge and for special events
  2.  Drive it all down to JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Service, the service arm of Wycliffe Bible Translators) in Waxhaw, NC. Everything fit in the van with seats removed.
    Guess who is navigator / photographer / entertainment director and who is keeping his eyes on the road 🙂

    3. Meet with Bruno (Swiss missionary working in NC) who handles shipping of containers around the world for Wycliffe.

    Bruno says the next container is going to be shipped to Papua New Guinea. The Cameroon container may go in a few weeks.

    4. Unload at the warehouse that holds goods until there is enough to fill a container.

    Bruno inspects the rototiller to be sure there is no fuel in the tank (there isn’t) and reminds us that the last container he shipped to Cameroon had a snow blower in it for Ron’s Small Engine Class!
    Look at all that stuff going to Cameroon — I spy with my little eye… bleachers for the sports spectators at RFIS!!

    The next time we see all this will be in Yaounde at RFIS! I”ll be sure to show you when that happens. Meanwhile, pray all goes well and that it arrives in a good time.

    Then on the way home we drove through the Smokey National Mountain National Park on a lovely sunny day.

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