Project Funds

To contribute to the following projects related to the Ziegelbaur’s ministry in Cameroon, please click on the numbered titles.

1. UBAC Hostel Residents Benevolence Fund (Covenant giving)

UBAC Hostel is home to up to 12 students at Rain Forest International School (RFIS) whose parents live and work outside of Yaounde. While RFIS is able to offer a reduction in tuition rates to certain students in special circumstances, the hostel is not. So to help with housing fees for some students, we have established a benevolence fund. This fund has assisted students such as the children of the deanof a seminary in another African country.
To donate, click the title above. On the right of the Covenant Giving Cameroon Projects page “Choose your designation” choose “UBAC Hostel Benevolence”.


2. Cameroon Vehicle Fund  (Covenant giving)

As vehicles age, they need to be replaced. This fund assists in purchasing new / used vehicles for the missionaries serving in Cameroon. Karl & Mary Noren are currently raising support to go to Yaounde. With 5 children of their own, they’ll need a bigger vehicle than the one they were using last. Your gift will help Norens get where they need to go with all their children.

3. RFIS Covered Athletic Facility Construction

Since 2016 Ron has been engineering the construction of a covered athletic facility (gym) at RFIS. The first phase is complete, with roof, concrete floor, and partially completed building. What remains is the completion of the building structure (which will contain office, weight room, fitness room, concession stand and storage area) and the locker rooms. A total of about $200,000 is needed for the completion of this building.

4. Fight Human Trafficking in Cameroon (Survivors’ Network)

Trafficking in Persons is a problem around the world. In Cameroon we have gotten to know Francisca Awah, founder of Survivors’ Network (SN), having survived being sold into domestic servitude overseas. SN works to Educate vulnerable Cameroonians on the dangers of trafficking, Rescue and provide temporary housing for victims, and Empower women (provide job opportunities) and children (through scholarships). Your donation will provide them with resources needed to accomplish those objectives. To donate, complete the form and you will receive an email with instructions.

total of about $200,000 is needed for the completion of this building.

5. Hospital Evangelism (TVs4Jesus)

The hospital is a place where nearly every tribe and nation come to be healed.  It is an amazing opportunity to share the gospel with people groups that rarely mix in a way that compassionately cares for both their physical and spiritual needs.
TVs4Jesus digitally streams wholesome content to any TV at the hospital without using the Internet.

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