Carnival at Rain Forest

You know we’re starting to get back to normal when we’re able to do things we could not do during the early days of the pandemic.

Carnival Entrance – buying tickets for food and activities

One of those things is CARNIVAL! Last year before Carnival was scheduled, the school shut down and went to all online learning. That knocked a LOT of the 4th quarter school events. But this year it was back! Not open to the entire public, but just those closely associated with the school. Still, it was well planned and a fun time for those who attended.

Wheel of Fortune! Every spin of the wheel lands on a candy or treat to win!
The Cakewalk. My neighbor and I were down to the last 2 on the floor and made a deal to share the carrot cake! It was marvelous.
12th Graders made and sold kettle corn! YUM!!
The Ninja course was a network of ropes and bamboo poles for kids to climb on.
Dunk your favorite teacher in the Dunk Tank
The Zipline is always a favorite.


In addition to all of those events, there was a slip n slide, gaga ball, treasure hunt, fishing for treats, and so much more! As a 10th Grade Advisor this year I did spend most of the day with that class. Every class worked hard to provide a day of fun activities for the community!

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