World Vision Global 6K for Water 2020

Tomorrow is the Global 6K for Water with World Vision. I started training a week ago yesterday.  That morning I woke up from a dream so vivid, I knew just what I had to do.

Training run the day before the Global 6k — 72* in long sleeves 5.4K and cooler than any run I’ve done in Cameroon!


In the dream I was running down an African village road — interestingly it was paved, and I was barefoot and that hurt. I had come out of a forest onto the road, uncertain of the direction I needed to go to get home. After several minutes I stopped and asked a local person (in French) which way is “la mission.” The person, not familiar with my French asked, “lamission?” I repeated slowly, “la mission evangelique.” Sure enough, it was behind me. I’d been going the wrong way.

When I woke up, I knew I needed to register for the Global 6K for water – something I’d been considering since being stuck in America during this pandemic. So I registered, started running and tomorrow is the 6K!

The run is a fundraiser that will benefit families in Dem. Rep. Congo with clean drinking water. My personal goal is $200 and I’m nearly there. If you are interested in making a donation to benefit Congolese families, click here.

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