Women’s Day 2017

We love to celebrate International Women’s Day in Cameroon!

Three of us on staff at RFIS wearing our Women's Day dresses
Three of us on staff at RFIS wearing our Women’s Day dresses

Each year around the beginning of February the Women’s Day cloth of the year appears in the shops around town in 2 different colors.

This year the choices were pink and blue. I preferred the blue one.

cloth 1b
The border of the cloth gives a nod to the yellow, red and green of the Cameroon flag. JIF (not the peanut butter,  Journee International des Femmes) and IWD (International Women’s Day) —

The cloth usually also includes slogans or important messages. This year the messages were:

cloth 4
“Yes to female entrepeneurship” “No to child marriage”


cloth 3
“Women for the protection of the environment” and “Men of Cameroon, let’s support the He for She Campaign”

And there’s this image of a Cameroonian woman

cloth 2


This year I didn’t take the time away from work to join the women of Yaounde in the parade downtown. (I did a few years ago with some friends). But the American Embassy was represented — according to their facebook page where I found this pic —

Parade US embassy

How did you celebrate International Women’s Day this year?

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