Electives! My Favorite Classes!

The campus comes to life when the elective classes meet.

Beautiful music wafts into the office from the choir practicing.

So I grab my camera and take a walk.

Down at the garage the drama class set crew who have already taken a construction class are busy working on construction of extra stage platforms.

?????????? ??????????

On the other side of the garage, Ron is teaching his Automotive Repair class — all 2 students are present.


Next I wander up toward the Domestic Arts room to find several students in the Drama class who are also on crew, making props, backdrops, and sorting through fabric.

?????????? ?????????? ??????????


And then on up to the auditorium I found the actors in Drama class going through their lines on stage.


I stay long enough to find that this play is going to be funny and I don’t want to see it before opening night.  So I head back to my office.

It seems nearly all the high school students are either in Choir or in Drama this semester, with the exception of those who chose Auto Repair, Small Engines or Study Hall (yes, some students decided they need study time more than an elective).  The play, “Barbecuing Hamlet” is sure to please.  Show time is March 20-21 so if you’ll be in Yaounde then, save the date.

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